Jo Saunders’ Design Story

On: September 10, 2019
In: Design stories
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Jo Saunders Design is a printed accessories company based in East Sussex celebrating the joyful beauty of colour, pattern, shape and form. The range comprises of bags, pouches, make up bags, cushions, purses and more with emphasis on immaculate make and finish. We caught up with Jo to find out more about her bags and inspirations.

If  you  weren’t  a  designer-maker,  what  would  you  be  right  now?
I have always fancied puppet making as I love working on tiny detail – think Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle of Dogs – amazing hand crafted detail.

When  did  you  realise  you  wanted  to  be  a  designer?
I grew up expecting to be tinkering in a shed at the bottom of the garden – and I’m not far off with a room in my home!

Describe  your  work  in  three  words.
Colour. Pattern. Joy.

Are  there  any  other  designers  whose  work  you  admire,  and  why?
I saw “The Snail” by Matisse at the Pompidou Centre on a school trip aged 10 and time stood still for me. That set the seed for the style of Art and Design that has interested me ever since. I admire Marimekko for their distinctive, clean crisp, uncompromising style. And, closer to home I love Maxine Sutton for her sensitive and textural work. I have followed Fashion designers in my career more than textiles actually so I have to mention Dries Van Noten for just getting it right every time.

What  do  you  do  in  your  free  time?
Hang out with my family. Athough I’m likely to be in my studio if I have any “free” time, that’s the good thing and the bad thing about having a studio in your home.

What’s  one  thing  you  like  to  do  everyday  without  fail?
Exhale loudly as I fall into bed at night!

What  brings  you  the  greatest  satisfaction?
My next piece of work.

What’s  the  best  advice  you  have  been  given?
A delivery problem is better than a sales problem.

What’s  the  best  gift  you  have  ever  received?
Anything that my daughter makes for me – one favourite is a teeny tiny clay book with teeny tiny hand written pages.

What  is  your  favourite  quote?
Start. Start with fear. Start with pain. Just start. (It came at the right time and I guess that’s why I was open to it).

What  is  in  your  bucket  list?
I would love to produce a collection of prints or collages. A studio at the bottom of my garden would be amazing. A dog would be a great addition to our family.

What  is  the  best  piece  you  have  bought  and  from  whom?
I bought two matching Murano glass vases from a flea market years ago and still feel pleased with myself every time I look at them!

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