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“Forging new collaborations with compatible brands, partners and supporters runs parallel to the continuing success and development of Handmade in Britain’s events.”


The quality of craftsmanship exhibited by our makers is emulated by the way Handmade in Britain works with exhibitors and associates. We regularly collaborate with arts organisations to raise the profile of British designers, artists and craftspeople through our shows, and we are increasingly conscious of the opportunities we can offer to companies interested in supporting the British craft and design industry.

In collaboration, exceptional and sustainable handmade work, presented exceptionally, is a beautiful way to celebrate another brand’s approach and ethics.

We can offer flexible, creative opportunities and fulfilling and lasting collaborations. There are a variety of ways in which organisations and businesses can get involved, all offering the obvious benefits of being associated with innovation alongside tradition and cultural heritage.

Handmade in Britain is grateful for the invaluable support of its partners, sponsors and collaborators in helping us to provide a professional platform for our exhibitors year after year.

For Partnerships & New Projects please contact [email protected]

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