Lucy Behrens Jewellery

Lucy Behrens Jewellery

Lucy Behrens is a contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

Lucy has a background in printmaking, in which she has completed an MA. In 2015 Lucy bought a piece of jewellery that ignited in her a desire to learn silversmithing, she discovered her love of using her hands in a more physical way and the pleasure of making tangible objects. Making jewellery filled the space for both the hand and eye. Balance and composition are integral to each of Lucy’s pieces. She believes in the beauty of simplicity and the joy of the imperfect. She spends the majority of her designing process removing and reducing elements, in order to find each piece’s essence. She is always looking for new ways to put form and function together, and is drawn to delicate textural surfaces and misty matte finishes.

Lucy grew up and lived in London until moving to Devon in 2018, to be near the sea and the moor. It is from both landscapes that she draws a great deal of her inspiration.

Lucy’s work is made in sterling silver, gold items are then very thickly plated in either 18ct or 24ct gold.



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