How to Sell

1. Apply

Visit our website and fill in one of our Seller’s Application Forms, this takes maximum 20 minutes and all you will need is:

  • Contact information
  • Some information on your company
  • A 50 word bio about yourself and your practice.
  • Photos of your work

2. Review

Our team will review your application, and notify you regarding the result within 2 weeks.

3. Login

Once successful one of our team will send you the login details for you to access your online profile in our unique marketplace.

4. Create

Begin to create your biography and curate your shop. Tell us about who you are and what you are selling, this biography can be seen by customers who visit your profile. Once you have the basics sorted start uploading photos of your products. We suggest that each product has at least three images; one with a plain background, one close up, and one where the product is in use.

5. Sell

Once your profile is up and running with your products listed, you can sit back and watch customers visiting your page. You will be notified by email / message as soon as you have sold an item.

6. Accept

You are then given a time frame in which you can accept the purchase. Once you have confirmed the purchase you can begin the packing and shipping process.

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