Woolly Mammoth Fabrics

Woolly Mammoth Fabrics

Woolly Mammoth Fabrics is a hand weaving studio based in Cardiff, UK. Taking inspiration from architecture, travel and traditional Welsh culture, the studio creates unique woven textiles for fashion and interior accessories.

Emma, the designer at Woolly Mammoth Fabrics, hand makes each product personally – ensuring the highest quality products . Using a hand-operated Dobby Loom, ancient weaving techniques are reimagined with contemporary colour palettes and geometric patterns. Once the design has been woven, each piece is carefully washed giving a beautifully soft and tactile fabric. Woolly Mammoth also partners up with local textile mills to weave selected designs at industrial size.

The whole production process is done in the UK and customers can be assured that sustainability and traceability will always be paramount at Woolly Mammoth Fabrics.

Woolly Mammoth Fabrics is striving to be a zero-waste business, using resources carefully and making as minimal impact on the environment as possible. To help decrease yarn wastage and unnecessary offcuts, products are hand woven and sewn to size. Through using natural wool that is renewable and biodegradable, we can ensure minimal impact on the environment and textile longevity.



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