Sarah Cemmick Linocuts

Sarah Cemmick Linocuts

Sarah graduated in Environmental Illustration at the University of Sunderland in 1996.

With help from the Prince’s Trust she began printmaking full time, which started a love affair with Lino.

In 1998 she received the Lloyd’s private banking award from the Society of Wildlife Artists annual exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London for her print ‘Rhino Lino’.

Using traditional printing techniques, designs are carved into lino blocks, some pieces being additionally tinted with watercolour to give added texture. She also uses beautiful Japanese tissue with gold and silver foil flecks, further enhancing the decorative effects to her printed images.

Influenced by wildlife, be it fluffy, furry or feathered, Sarah has continued to explore a variety of themes, the hare being a particular favourite.

Works have been commissioned by the National Trust, Artists Cards Ltd and Holland and Holland, Mayfair, London, and can be seen at galleries throughout the UK.

Sarah has created a complimentary range of over 100 art cards printed on recycled board with recycled envelopes and biodegradable cello bags.

Sarah now lives and works from her home ‘The Pink House’ in Cumbria alongside her artist husband David, two children, Rosie and Woody and her new muse, Bonzo the mini long haired dachshund.



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