Helena Lacy

Helena Lacy

Helena Lacy is a London based ceramic artist. Who graduated from Wimbledon College of Art, with a degree in Technical Arts and Special Effects.
Helena creates sculptures and vases from clay that are bold, playful and tactile using the traditional coil building technique.

Her work takes inspiration from the many textures, shapes and colours she finds from natural objects. She is always exploring and trying to discover new inspiration.

The ease with which one can enjoy natural forms such as igneous rocks and mineral formations is something she tries to replicate.
It is important to her that the viewer derives a sense of joy from her work. She likes her work to encourage a playful attitude towards ceramics, reminding the audience of the open approach we have to art in our childhood – learning with our hands interacting and discovering.

As well as her current collections ‘Lava Vases’ and ‘The Pot Ladies’ – inspired by Gaia and the Venus figurines, she has previously created two collections called ‘Skye’ and ‘Fingo’ based on the female body. Taking aspects of the body that are traditionally feminine such as curves and putting them back together to create an abstract expression of the female form.



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