Helena Lacy

Helena Lacy

Helena lacy is a London based Sculptor and Ceramicist. 
Graduated from Wimbledon College of Art, with a degree in Technical Arts and Special Effects for Stage and Screen.  

Helena creates sculptural vases from clay such as the Pot Ladies. 

These lovely ladies have been through quite a journey – from being sculpted, silicon moulded, cast out in plaster and then re-moulded – so they can be made into beautiful ceramic vases.
They are designed to have their legs hanging over an edge for example on a fireplace, bookcase or a shelf. They can also sit flat on any surface and make a great centrepiece. 
Inspired by the Earth Goddess and the Venus figurines.

The themes behind her ‘Level’ vases are about playing with heights and levels and creating unique practical sculptures that are for displaying both succulents and cut flowers together. She draws inspiration for these vases from the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana. All vases are coil built.  

She is based in The Arches Studios in Peckham.


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