Agneta Bugyte

Agneta Bugyte

Feminine, elegant, timeless and poetic jewellery that speaks of the rawness of the beauty surrounding our lives. Made from sterling silver and 18ct gold.

Wild landscape and natural beauty transformed into uniqueness of each piece - earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

My jewellery opens door to another world, full of poetry, silence and hoarse sounds. It brings nature into your life. Unrefined but same time delicate and romantic pieces is what you need in this busy world full of noise, it calms you down and brings you back to your core.

The finishing on the oxidised surface makes my work unique, I am creating a glossy, shiny or smoky finish: it produces pleasing contrasts. My work is detailed – I like the microscopic textured view rather than the panoramic. Although smooth and beautifully finished, the pieces speak of the natural textures wrought by earth and fire, of lava and glass-smooth molten flows of metal.

The raw nature and the silence of the vastness provide me with inspiration. In my UK workshop, the great wildernesses are condensed, recreated and wrought into unique pieces of exquisite beauty.


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