Sarah Watts Jewellery

Sarah Watts Jewellery

I design and make bold, colourful jewellery using my own handmade glass beads and textured silver work. Growing up in the 70’s, where virtually every available surface was covered with colour, pattern and design, has obviously left its mark on me – there is no minimalist aesthetic in my work!

I hand make my beads from glass using the ancient Lampwork technique, thought to have it’s origins in the 5th century BC. Canes of glass are melted in a hot torch flame and the molten glass wound around a metal rod using gravity and manipulation to form the basic bead. Decoration is then added by applying layers of more molten glass in different colours and shapes, melting in each layer, until the desired effect is achieved. I etch most of my beads to achieve a worn, matte surface and pair them with patinated and hammered sterling silver.

My influences are wide ranging but all contain the basic elements of colour, pattern and decoration. They include; Roman Mosaics, Ottoman ceramics, traditional patchwork and traditional Indian textiles.

I am self-taught and work in my home studio in the Welsh World Heritage town of Blaenavon.



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