Pomarius collections are unique ‘direct’ bronze casts of the produce of gardens, historical locations and ancient trees in the UK. The project is led by artist Alice Andrea Ewing, with every specimen collected, cast and finished by the artist at her suffolk studio and foundry.

Every work is a direct translation of the original organic specimen into bronze, produced by adapting the Italian Lost Wax casting method. The resulting solid bronze works capture every detail and curiosity of form.

Pomarius consists of a wide variety of natural specimens, fruits, nuts, chillies and other varieties of plant and produce. Many collections have developed from personal relationships between people and their homes, specific or ancient trees, and shared memories within these places. In every case, the translation into bronze is understood as a making explicit of the inherent value already held by the organic specimens – a value understood by the gardeners and carers of these locations.

All works are seasonal, with small collections produced each year alongside personal commissions.



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