Having studied 3D Design and Craft at the university of Brighton, I left with a 2:1 and a huge range of knowledge in many areas of design but my preferred medium was metal. I developed a passion for craft and handmade objects, a counter reaction to the markets of mass produced jewellery and products. I pride myself that my jewellery is meticulously handcrafted and ethically sourced.

Jennifer created the Faceted brand to create unique jewellery for people who appreciate the skill and beauty of minimalist design. “My jewellery is intended to look good and be a joy to wear while making every effort to minimize damage to the environment. Based in Brighton, I believe that there are so many “organic” styles of jewellery and products out there that the simplicity of the straight line, the beauty of the geometric and the appreciation of minimalism has been side lined. From the beginning of my career I focused on putting these qualities centre stage.



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