Barbora Rybarova Jewellery

Barbora Rybarova Jewellery

Combining the fascinating textures of raw minerals with smooth brilliance of precious metals and cut gems, Barbora Rybarova Jewellery presents a perfect brand for anyone who likes to wear something unique and a touch different .
I find endless beauty and inspiration in rough untreated gems. Finding a source of and selecting the unique minerals is an important part of my creative process. Through considerate cutting, filling and polishing of each handpicked gem I enhance its natural lustre and sparkle yet I preserve its organic look. Through my designing and making process I strive to find a perfect balance between the crude beauty of nature and the finesse of the jewellery craft.
High craftsmanship and high end finish lie at the heart of my jewellery which I handcraft in my studio.



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    Forrest Pompeii Earrings

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    ‘Ice’ earrings

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