Baile Mor Books

Baile Mor Books

Baile Mor Books is a book design studio and bindery based on the Isle of Iona –and the company name introverted bibliopegist Toben Lewis hides behind.

Most of Toben’s working life has been either directly or tangentially related to books in some form. Post university (studying Visual Arts) his career started in graphic design in the publishing and advertising industries and has evolved to focus largely on book binding and conservation. Although he still enjoys long format book design and layout, he has discovered both a talent for and deep love of the physical act of binding books. Blank books for use by others, printed books for reading, restoring bindings on broken and well-loved books, all of it; there is just something deeply satisfying about turning loose sheafs of paper into a functional and attractive portable unit of knowledge and creativity.

Toben is fascinated by the different mechanics and structures of books and the long history of binding. Bookbinding is an ancient practice and he takes pleasure in employing the same techniques and skills that generations before him have honed and passed on.



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