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Piyush and Saket (Friendship span of over 32 years) have been best friends since childhood, they studied together in same school and engineering college and then travelled to build their own careers. Saket moved to USA and Piyush moved to London. After 15 years of no contact between them, they met at a silver jubilee school reunion in 2015. Catching up on past 15 years and getting to know each others’ careers, they knew their work complemented and decided spontaneously to work on a project together. Finally, after 2 years of hard work, in April 2018, they launched the online marketplace for Piyush’s already established company - Handmade in Britain (London, since 2007), which Piyush has single-handedly built to support and promote British Designer-makers.

PIYUSH SURI with Masters in textile design, he also has an experience running his own textiles brand and retail store for 8 years in London between 2008-2016. Piyush has appeared as a judge in BBC2 TV series - Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution in 2012 and he also works as a freelance design consultant internationally.

SAKET BANSAL comes with a technology and consulting background and has worked with various Fortune 500 companies in shaping up their IT strategy and running large Digital Transformation programs. One of his apps has won an award in US in 2014.

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