Professional Development Workshops and Business Mentoring

With over a decade of experience, Handmade in Britain can offer expert support to new and established designer-makers through group workshops and one-to-one mentoring. We provide invaluable business advice and practical support.

We are here to support designer-makers

Mentoring for Designer-makers

Our one-to-one mentoring sessions constructed to provide designer-makers with specially tailored advice and guidance to address the needs of their businesses. Each session is one hour in duration and can be booked as a stand-alone session, or a course, to suit an individual’s needs.
Handmade in Britain’s mentoring programme is suitable for designer-makers from all disciplines and at any stage in a career.


Each session is directed by an individual’s requirements and the needs of each specific business. An applicant may wish to consider the following areas, but sessions are by no means prescriptive:

Creative Direction

Design development, commercial considerations in creative design, product pricing strategy, tips and advice on sourcing materials, product development and market awareness.

Business Development

Creating a business plan, financial planning, identifying target markets, moving to the next level in business, international development, outsourcing and other relevant topics.

Marketing Strategies

Promotion and publicity specific to an individual’s brand/product, creative ways of inexpensive marketing, use of social media relevant to an individual’s brand, trade and retail shows, promotion strategies.

  • Dates:

    Sessions are currently held on Mondays to Fridays (exc. bank holidays).

  • Location:

    Sessions are held in central London. For your convenience, online consultations are also available on request.

  • Cost:

    On request

To register your interest in Handmade in Britain business mentoring, please complete this online form.

Workshops for designer-makers

Handmade in Britain provides outstanding workshops addressing all aspects of a designer-maker’s career. Drawing on over a decade of experience, and access to the industry’s leading experts, we create tailor-made workshops to suit the needs of individuals and organisations.

Topics include:

Marketing, branding, pricing, expressing oneself in business, expanding horizons, taking a business to the next level, one-to-one mentoring, event planning, creative direction, honing a brand, sharing a designer-maker’s unique voice, communication skills, how to apply for events.

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