A thing of beauty! This is how our creative juices, our skills and talents have been channeled into creating new shapes, new concepts and an entirely new form of lighting.

We have worked and reworked shapes, tested yarns and colours and more than once thought defeated, till one bright sunny day, we finally alighted on the right fusion of texture and organic form!

This does come at a cost though! The construction and weaving process is hugely engaging and frankly mesmerising but equally time consuming. The large pendant ceiling shades have required an average of 25 hours of weaving in and out of the metal frame. Every strand of yarn is meticulously positioned to give a perfectly ordered look to the shade.

Infused with buckets full of texture, characterised by definite Scandi overtones and drawn from the huge appeal of the geometric form, this collection of pendant lamp shades is truly unique, a striking addition to your home and something of a work of art in itself.


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