ZziniHome is unwavering in the search of the best designs to make the most stylish, sophisticated and colourful drum lamp shades for your home. If there is one thing I learnt as a designer is that colour is most feared. Many find it too difficult to introduce and opt for a "safer' grey alternative.

Clearly you might prefer to err for caution and opt for neutral curtains and sofas but this does not meant you have to say goodbye to colour and pattern all together.

I want to help! I will make a lamp shade for you that looks radiant in your home lit or unlit. Colours and designs will inspire you and work with your designers soft furnishings to make your home harmonious and thrilling at the same time.

It is said that each corner in a room should have a lamp. So what a splendid opportunity this is to bring a bit of who you into your home and keep you smiling.

All lamp shades are made by hand with particular care to finishing the edging beautifully. With an eye on the pattern, I will always select the best positioning of the design for a truly cared for product.


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