Wytske Lazenby

Wytske Lazenby

I live in northwest Herefordshire where I have a silversmithing workshop which I share with a colleague.
I mostly work with silver as it is a very versatile and responsive metal. My work does not follow a particular theme or style but I veer towards the cool, clean and elegant lines of Scandinavian designs. The things I make are mostly items you can use on a daily basis.

We live in an era where we have all too much stuff and my belief is that we should surround ourselves with fewer things but for those things to be not only useful but also beautiful. Silver should not be stored in attics or in locked cupboards, but handled and used on a daily basis ( and no, you do not have to polish it all the time). Then, it will build it’s own history and be passed on. You will have got lots of pleasure from it. Each time you use it you will remember where you bought it, who made it, who gave it to you, which special birthdays it attended be it as a jam jar, a bowl , a spoon. I love the making , and I hope you will love owning it or making someone else happy with it.



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