Ceramics by Shaun Hall

Ceramics by Shaun Hall

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Hand made and forged in fire...decorative and sculptural Raku wares created by Shaun Hall for almost twenty years since 1998. Here you will find unique gifts both sculptural, hand crafted and slab constructed- as well as decorative wheel thrown pottery, both styles based on vessel forms. Shaun's work is quirky , striking and unique- no two vessels are ever the same- and therein lies his appeal.

Shaun's work bridges a passion for ceramics and objects rooted in antiquity, as well as modernist art, design and sculpture. It's often commented that his ceramics have a ritualistic or ceremonial aspect, although it's not overtly intended. Initially Shaun focused entirely on the sculptural "Jug" form, ( these still form a "statement piece" in his range), although he has since expanded and developed his ceramic language. His hand constructed forms are made using the slab and coil technique. The forms are complemented by the lustrous metallic surface textures inherent in the "Raku"post firing reduction process.Shaun pursues the "western style" of Raku- namely utlising copper loaded tin glazes and reactive matte slips, coupled with a heavy post firing reduction, normally done in dry pine- wood shavings. The copper matte surfaces are often remarked as looking like dramatic atmospheric "paintings". It has taken nearly twenty years for Shaun to perfect the technique of "western style" Raku.

His early career was given quite a boost when he sold his entire graduate collection to department store "Selfridges and Co" . Gradually, Shaun has attracted a wide client base within the UK , and is represented in numerous galleries across England and Wales. He is also known overseas- having exhibited with "Atelier sur Cour" in Paris and with the "Charlie B Gallery" in Nevada, USA. In particular, India has been a successful recent venture. Shaun's ceramics were specially sourced out by design firm-"Curocarte" founded by billionaire start up entrepreneur, Ananya Birla. They still form part of the core of their range. being marketed across India and Asia. One of the 'afore-mentioned "jugs" graced the Royal Opera House in Mumbai at the 2017 Elle Decor Awards as part of Curocarte's sponsorship and company branding display.

Publications featuring Shaun include -"Ceramic Review", "Claycraft"," GQ" magazine, "Harpers Bazaar" and "Architectural Digest". He's also been represented in books such as "500 Raku"and "Handmade in Britain", in association with "Vivays" and the founders of Handmade themselves.

Shaun's wheel thrown ceramics and tea bowls were featured on television on the Sony Liv Channel in a home decor programme entitled "House Proud" in November 2017.

Current work is focusing on sculptural and wheel thrown ceramics, employing high fired stoneware and textural glazes- evoking the immediacy and spontaniety of Raku - yet in a more durable form....coming soon.

Shaun is proud to be represented online by "Handmade in Britain."


July Updates:

Exclusively for Handmade in Britain Shaun is launching a new collection of high fired chawan tea bowls and sculptural bowsl in a range of volcanic glaze surface finishes.


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