Rowena Gilbert

Rowena Gilbert

Contemporary Ceramic Artist Rowena Gilbert

Rowena’s ceramic work is above all else, a celebration of the natural world informed by her daily observations, travels and life in her coastal hometown. Her focus is exploring the language of abstraction to evoke the elemental power and ever-shifting dynamism of nature, communicating not through narrative and figurative forms, but through mood and momentum.

Rowena’s ceramics have featured in Sussex Life, Vogue, The World of Interiors, Elle Decoration Magazines and in The Guardian, The Times and The Metro Newspapers.

Her work has a distinctive and wholly original contemporary style. Using additions of metal oxides and stains, the coloured clay layers are brushed on or inlaid in incised lines and marks on the slip cast or coiled form. The surface marks are created using various sgraffito tools when the clay vessel is in a leather-hard state. She bisque fires, then masks areas on the outside of the form using wax resist, glazing the inside and the unmasked areas with a matt or transparent gloss with the final firing at 1180-1240°C. All pieces are high-fired ceramic.

All pieces are individually hand made by Rowena in her Brighton studio and have her signature mark on the base.



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