Lu Kee Su Ceramics

Lu Kee Su Ceramics

A predominantly self-taught ceramist, Suky Rai utilises skills gained from a career of over ten years in the design industry to create her own contemporary hand-built ceramics from the idyllic setting of her small home studio, set within the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

A back injury in 2016 meant that the pottery wheel would no longer be an option for Suky again and it was during this time that a deep and enduring connection with traditional hand-building techniques developed and grew. Offering Suky something the wheel could not, it took an already hands on craft to a completely different level. Every impression made was richer, considered, reflective as a process and completely fulfilling on a personal level.

Now, through exclusively hand-building all of her pieces, Suky enjoys experimenting and exploring freely and thoughtfully with surface texture, mark-making and form, creating hand-built ceramics that are truly unique, full of depth and character, tactile to touch with their own quirky irregularities.


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