Lu Kee Su Ceramics

Lu Kee Su Ceramics

After attending six months of weekly pottery lessons in 2015, designer and maker Suky Rai decided to combine her newly established passion for clay with the design skills gained from a twelve-year career in Graphic Design working across the Fashion, Beauty and Home sectors, to create her own range of contemporary hand-built ceramics.

Setting up her home studio in 2016 to develop and expand her knowledge and practical experience of working within the field of ceramics, a double slipped disc on both sides of her spine meant that the pottery wheel would no longer be an option for her again. An unwelcome and unexpected stumbling block but happily, one with a silver lining for it was during this time that a deep and enduring connection with coiling and pinching developed and grew. Offering Suky something the wheel could not, it took an already hands on craft to a completely different level. Every impression made was richer, more considered, reflective as a process and completely fulfilling on a personal level.

Through exclusively hand-building all of her pieces, Suky enjoys experimenting and exploring freely and thoughtfully with surface texture, mark-making and form, creating hand-built ceramics that are truly unique and individual as a result. In direct contrast to her clean and minimalistic style as a Graphic Designer, Suky is naturally drawn to creating ceramics that are full of depth and character, tactile to touch, each with their own quirky irregularities and indentations - all design elements that are crucial to the developing style and aesthetic of her ceramics.

Inspired by the vast, varied, rugged and weathered elements found within the natural world, Suky is lucky enough to work from the idyllic setting of her small home studio set within the beautiful Leicestershire countryside where inspiration is all around.


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