Ceramic Botanist-Louise Condon Designs

Ceramic Botanist-Louise Condon Designs

Nostalgic impressions……….

The pieces I create are tactile and capture the life, structure and form of the plant at that particular point in its life span. Each piece I create is individual in its composition, shape and size. I try to capture scenes from nature whether it’s from the bareness of winter and its beautiful skeletal structures, or the fullness of the summer bloom.
I create the pieces by hand and use cranks and grogged stoneware clay. The firing’s really enhance the body of the clay creating an overall rustic effect that doesn’t distract from the botanical compositions which are enhanced by oxides. The pieces are glazed on the inside.
It’s important that we celebrate and promote the importance of wildflowers that are diminishing in our British countryside and cities. Wild flowers support pollinators such and butterflies and bees and support insect eating birds.

I realise that my interests and relationships with nature come from memories of nostalgia, childhood and my experiences of collecting objects. By exploring natural objects and environments this nurtures my hunger to fulfill my creative obsessions.



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