Lia B

Lia B

Lia B is a signature brand, specialized in jewellery and textile accessories based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Creating contemporary and intelligent pieces inspired mainly on the fauna and flora of Nature, geometric designs and universe, discovering their own history behind each necklace, bracelet, or scarf.

Inspiration is found in the most various places around the world and within. The last collection called LATITUDE inspired by measuring instruments like compass and antique measuring pieces was designed using new materials as resin or jesmonite.

We strives to use high-quality, natural and sustainable materials. Brass, resin and semiprecious stones feature heavily, and we also like to incorporate gemstones, such as crystals, that are believed to have healing or beneficial properties. To ensure our work is of the utmost quality we source from local suppliers and manufacturers, and pay huge attention to detail.

Lia B’s pieces are gorgeously simple yet with enough handmade texture and detail to stand-out – geometrical, sometimes industrial, yet always chic, and different to anything you’ve seen on the high street!


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