Isabelle Capitain Handmade Jewellery

Isabelle Capitain Handmade Jewellery


Isabelle is originally from Germany and now makes jewellery from her studio in Hatton Garden. After finishing her apprenticeship in Germany she moved to the UK where she has worked as a goldsmith and micro setter behind the scenes for various designer makers in Kent and London.

Her work is strongly influenced by the skills she gained in her traditional apprenticeship focusing on hand making modern jewellery to the highest level and her micro pave training under master goldsmith and setter Eberhard Mach.

A strong sense of shapes is integral to Isabelle’s designs, influenced by a great fascination with all things Bauhaus. Isabelle uses high quality diamonds and gemstones, often with unusual shapes, which are the centrepieces of her unique designs.
In addition to her collections, Isabelle creates bespoke commissions, including engagement and wedding rings, working in silver, gold, palladium and platinum. Get in touch to discuss your ideas for a unique and personal piece of fine jewellery designed and crafted to your requirements.


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