Frances Nutt London

Frances Nutt London

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Frances Nutt London – gentlemen’s luxury accessories – practical, collectible artworks you can wear.

Handmade with care in Britain.

London based Designer maker Frances Nutt has created a new line of men’s fringed silk scarves. The printed design on each scarf evokes the memory of a pertinent location; from New York’s Corona Park, to London’s Hackney Empire and the ghostly silhouetted winter trees of Hampstead Heath. 

The hand knotted 100% silk scarves will make the perfect gift not just for the discerning gentlemen, or the Shoreditch hipster but anyone who values beautiful artisan British made pieces.

A range of corresponding pocket silk handkerchiefs compliment the scarves. The brightly coloured, hand rolled squares feature a design play of images referencing London’s National Theatre, the iconic Chelsea Hotel NYC and the unique 1960s architectural interior ceiling of the Curzon Cinema, Mayfair. Next up Paris and Havana…

These sophisticated brightly coloured pocket squares will add an air of modern British style to any suit or jacket.


Really lovely, bought originally for Xmas but keeping on display all year round!

Sandra Berry Verified buyer, Feb 3, 2021

This is the 3rd scarf I have purchased from this artist. I really love them because they are nice and lightweight and sit around the neck so comfortably. The colours are also stunning and very true to the pictures.

Sandra Berry Verified buyer, Feb 3, 2021

The lamb was a lot larger than I had expected and I absolutely love it - the detail and craftsmanship are superb. I would definitely buy from this seller again.

Sandra Berry Verified buyer, Feb 3, 2021

Love the design of the earrings and went on to purchase a bracelet. Only disappointment was the original packaging which I didn’t feel was the same quality as the product inside but the artist rectified this on my 2nd purchase and it was much improved.

Sandra Berry Verified buyer, Feb 3, 2021

Bought these in the gold. Loved the simple understated design which can be so easily dressed up or down. Very modern classic to suit any age. Good to see such young & talented artists. SAG.1/2/2021

Sally Guppy Verified buyer, Feb 1, 2021
Common Toad, Female

Absolutely love Mrs Toad, the workmanship and skill of John is outstanding. It’s so lifelike I keep expecting it to come to life . The postage and packaging were fast and reliable. Just a little bit of saving now as I believe Mr Toad will have to join us .

David Fairhurst Verified buyer, Feb 7, 2021


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