Emma Louise Wilson

Emma Louise Wilson

Taking inspiration from the landscapes and weather of Scotland, I create fine silver and enamel jewellery as well as hand raised bowls in either copper or fine silver with enamel decoration.

My work begins in the landscape, taking photographs of the huge Scottish skies, the hills and the sea, and collecting pebbles from the beach. I then work from these photographs to produce drawings and watercolour paintings which are then referenced when I begin working in the enamel and silver. The shapes of the pebbles are found in the shapes of the bowls and jewellery pieces, and the clouds, landscapes and seascapes are found in the very painterly enamel.

I use jewellery enamel and finely powdered painting enamel to produce an effect similar to my paintings, trying to evoke the feeling of the landscape without reproducing it exactly. The colours I use are natural and muted with occasional pops of bright colour. I love to use traditional techniques like hand-raising and enamelling in a contemporary way producing work which is beautiful and modern.



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