Twisted Loom

Twisted Loom

Founded by upholsterer Charlotte Cochrane, Twisted Loom is the home of bespoke upholstery services and distinct furniture handcrafted in the UK.

In 2019 we decided we wanted to add to the joys of upholstering other peoples’ furniture by designing and handcrafting our own long-lasting pieces right here in Manchester. Why not harness local talent and beautiful British materials to make pieces of real quality and character, unlike anything else for sale? Ultimately, we wanted to create something ‘hyper-local’ made by human hands that care. After a year of prototyping and planning, bleeding fingers and thinking too much, our mission was beginning to take shape.

Central to our mission is the creation of ‘thoughtful furniture’ instead of ‘fast furniture’. We use beautiful wools from one of the UK’s oldest mills nestled in Yorkshire, our wood is locally sourced and FSC certified, and our legs are designed and individually hand-turned by Phil, (our Wood Man extraordinaire) right here in Manchester, England.

We hope that by creating more of a connection between the maker and consumer, we can instil a more sustainable and thoughtful consumption of furniture.



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